Wedding Feature: Dan and Joanne

Dan & Joanne married in July of 2014 in downtown Petoskey.

Dan & Joanne married in July of 2014 in downtown Petoskey.

Their Story
Dan and I were introduced by mutual friends. We went on one date and because of our busy schedules and traveling, we were not able to go out again for almost three weeks! After our second date, we definitely knew there would be a third. We were engaged within nine months.JD 2

The Proposal
Dan took me back to the restaurant where we had our first date. It was a cold, rainy night in November. Dan got down on one knee right outside the restaurant in the exact place where I first saw him. I was cold and wet, but I had never been happier.JoanneDan0075

Why They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
I grew up in northern Michigan and always knew I wanted to get married there. I had enjoyed visiting Petoskey as a child and loved the Perry Hotel. As soon as we saw the Rose Garden Veranda, we knew it was the perfect place for our wedding.jd 5

jd 6

Wedding Details
The weather was absolutely beautiful on our wedding day and the flowers on the veranda were amazing. It was truly our dream wedding!

JD 3

JD one

Wedding Ingredients
Ceremony & Reception Location: Stafford’s Perry Hotel – Rose Garden Veranda
Photographer: Cory Weber Photography
Flowers & Centerpieces: Nature’s Garden
Dress: Gina’s in Milford, MI
Cake: Cupcakes from Sweet Maria’s
Color Scheme: Light blue and shades of pink

JD 4

- Submitted by Joanne

Wedding Story: Nathan & Katelyn

Nathan & Katelyn were married in August in Petoskey.

Nathan & Katelyn were married in August in Petoskey.

Their Story
High school friends, Kirk and Jordan, came to visit me (Katelyn) and other friends at Michigan State and had brought Nathan along. He went to visit other friends in East Lansing for a while and I helped him find his way back to the group over the phone.  Our two friends, Kirk and Jordan were a part of our wedding, Kirk was a groomsman and Jordan played the guitar and sang during our ceremony!PTM Storyboard 3 Up

The Proposal
In the fall of 2012, I was living and working in Ann Arbor and had planned a tailgate for the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game on October 20, 2012. We had planned for Nate to drive over Friday night for pumpkin carving. When Nate didn’t answer his phone, I was worried, but he called later and said he had been caught up doing “errands.” Little did I know, he was busy preparing to pop the question, including calling my dad and step-dad for their pic 1 The next day, I was in full entertaining mode, paying little attention to Nate or anything but cooking! Nate came into the kitchen and told me he had gotten us t-shirts to wear for the day, and we should go get them from the truck and take our dog, Moose, outside before the game. As we walked to the truck, I remember Nate commenting on how nice of a day it was and how he probably didn’t need the coat that I hadn’t noticed he was wearing. We got to the trick where Nate pulled out two t-shirts, one MSU and one U of M. He then asked me which one I wanted, which of course replied the MSU shirt. Nate then said, “Well, there is something you need to see first.” He flipped the shirts over and on the back of the MSU shirt is said NO and the U of M shirt it said YES. I believe my first response was something to the point of “that’s not fair!” as he got down on one knee and unzipped his coat to reveal a shirt he also made saying “Katelyn, will you marry me?” Of course I said YES! Luckily, Nate had planned even further and got our friend Chris, to capture the whole thing with pictures from my apartment balcony.PTM Storyboard 3 Up B

Why They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
My family has vacationed in the Boyne/Petoskey area for years, which lead us to look up there. The location was so naturally beautiful and we wanted it to be a fun destination for our guests and ourselves to visit in the future!

Wedding Details

  • Between the ceremony and reception, our party bus got stuck in the sand in the parking area of the Petoskey State Park!
  • Our dog, Moose, was the ring bearerPTM Storyboard 2 Up

PTM Storyboard 3 Up B weqwWedding Ingredients
Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church of Petoskey
Reception Location: Stafford’s Perry Hotel – Rose Garden Veranda
Photographer: Heather Jowett
Flowers & Centerpieces: Petals of Charlevoix
Dress: Jasmine
Cake: Sweet Maria’s
Color Scheme: Coral, Navy and White/CreamPTM Storyboard 2 Up

“With our friends and family, we all had an amazing day at Stafford’s Perry Hotel! We just wish it could have been longer!”

-Submitted by

Wedding Feature: Daniel & Julia

Daniel & Julie were married in November of 2014

Daniel & Julia were married in November of 2014

Their Story
Julia and I worked together as nurses in Traverse City, but never dated. She went away to Michigan State University (MSU) to get her Masters Degree and I moved out to Seattle, WA. I came back to Michigan for my friends wedding at MSU and asked Julia to be my date. A year and a half later, I moved back to Michigan for her and a year after that we were engaged. We got engaged very romantically on New Year’s Day.PTM Storyboard 2 Up

DanielWhy They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
Northern Michigan is such a beautiful area and Stafford’s Perry Hotel fit our needs for a venue perfectly. Having most everyone stay at the Perry Hotel plus having the ceremony and reception there, allowed us to spend time with our family and friends all weekend. Lauren and Carolyn (both who work at Stafford’s Perry Hotel), really helped us get everything set and made sure our big day went smoothly. Wedding_AndersonBurns_141



Wedding_AndersonBurns_186Wedding Details

  • We named each of our tables after a National Park we had visited
  • Our rehearsal dinner was on Halloween and everyone came in costumeWedding_AndersonBurns_201Wedding_AndersonBurns_221

Wedding Ingredients
Ceremony & Reception Location: Stafford’s Perry Hotel
Photographer: Stephen Sayler, Kalamazoo, MI
Flowers & Centerpieces: Sky’s The Limit
Dress: Private Collection
Cake: Cupcakes from Stafford’s Perry Hotel
Color Scheme: Gold and blush

-Submitted by Daniel


Wedding Feature: Steve & Maggie

maggie and steve 2190

Steve & Maggie married in July in Downtown Petoskey.

Their Story
Steve and I met the first day at our new job 4 years ago. I sat next to Steve during orientation, not knowing how much that random decision would change my life. He had an instant crush, we became fast friends, then started dating shortly after that. Maggie and Steve 44

The Proposal
Steve recreated our first date telling me that it was for our 3 year anniversary. We went to dinner at the tapas restaurant we love and after we ordered and had started eating, Steve proposed and we were greeted with champagne afterwards. It was simple and perfect! Maggie and Steve 33

steveand maggie 2Why They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
We live in Madison. Steve is from Massachusetts and I am from South East Michigan, so we had no idea where to get married. We were thinking about doing some kind of destination wedding and my mom randomly thought about the beautiful hotel she had been to years ago. We looked at pictures and fell in love with the venue. I knew it would be perfect for the big day! We called Stafford’s Perry Hotel, a date was available for July and we booked it! steveand maggie

Wedding Ingredients
Ceremony & Reception Location: Stafford’s Perry Hotel – Rose Garden Veranda
Photographer: Chris Van Winkle Photography
Flowers & Centerpieces: Sky’s The Limit
Dress: A’Lamore Bridal in Barrington, IL
Cake: Sugar Bean Bakery
Color Scheme: Whites, greens and a splash of pinkMaggie and Steve 22

maggie and steve 1103-Submitted by Maggie

Wedding Feature: Rob & Melissa

Rob & Melissa married in August at Stafford's Bay View Inn in Petoskey.

Rob & Melissa married in August at Stafford’s Bay View Inn in Petoskey.

Their Story
Rob and I met during our time at Central Michigan University. During our freshman year, we were fortunate enough to live in the same dorm and on the same floor, yet we actually didn’t formally introduce ourselves to each other until the day before summer vacation! That coming fall, we lived across the hall from each other (funny how that works) and after becoming great friends, a relationship slowly started to blossom later that year and here we are now! PTM Storyboard 3 Up B

The Proposal
Rob proposed after a whirlwind day of events. At large, he initially brought me to the Detroit Institute of Arts (a museum I had been begging him to take me to for years, so this was a big surprise), Green Dot Stables (our favorite Detroit restaurant), and finally a Detroit Tigers game at night. PTM Storyboard 2 UpFollowing the game (which the Tigers won), I decided it would be great if I could capture some pictures of the Detroit skyline lit up at night. While I was snapping the pictures, I quickly turned around and urged Rob to look at the beautiful skyline when I suddenly noticed that he was down on one knee with a ring. At that point, he asked me to marry him and I of course said “yes!”Photo 3

Why They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
We chose northern Michigan as our wedding destination because it was such an ideal location for both of our families. Given that Rob’s hometown of Dearborn and my hometown of Iron River, lie nearly nine hours away from each other, we thought it would be a great compromise to have our wedding in the middle in such a beautiful area of Michigan.PTM Storyboard 2 Up Vertical111 As soon as Rob and I toured Stafford’s Bay View Inn, we immediately fell in love with the venue and knew that it would be the perfect setting to host our wedding with our closest family and friends.

PTM Storyboard 2 Up VerticalWedding Details
Since Rob is from the lower peninsula of Michigan and I am from the upper peninsula, we decided to integrate a “Pure Michigan” theme into our wedding to represent our love for the state of Michigan. Our fun details included:

  • Yooper Bars as our wedding favors
  • Die-cuts of the upper and lower peninsulas for our seating arrangements
  • Tables named after our favorite cities in Michigan
  • Custom made Michigan wedding shoes made by Katie Blauer
  • A Michigan inspired signature drink
  • State of Michigan cake topper
  • Postcard guestbook that represented our favorite cities in MichiganPhoto 2

Wedding Ingredients
Ceremony & Reception Location: Stafford’s Bay View Inn
Photographer: Nolee Photography
Flowers: Sky’s The Limit
Dress: Courtney by Maggie Sottero
Cake: Cakes by Colleen
Color Scheme: Plum, green and graynoleephotography-2101

-Submitted by Melissa

Wedding Feature: Adam & Bailey

Adam & Bailey Married In July in Downtown Petoskey

Adam & Bailey Married In July in Downtown Petoskey

Their Story
We met through a mutual friend. I, (Bailey), got set up on a double date and the rest was history.

The Proposal
It was the day after Christmas. We had just gotten home from Petoskey, celebrating with my family. I went out to run an errand and when I came home, I was greeted by Pablo (our dog) with a ring box around his neck. Adam was dressed up in a suit and had scattered rose petals everywhere – a beautiful surprise. Bailey 1

Bailey 3Why They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
I grew up spending summers on Walloon Lake/Petoskey, as my grandparents had a family cottage on the lake. Adam spent time in Harbor Springs as a child. So, northern Michigan is very close to our hearts. We have many memories together and on our own. We also wanted to make sure my 92 year old grandfather would be able to attend.  Bailey 6

Bailey 2

Bailey 5Wedding Details

  • Our officiants, Carol & Matthew, are close family friends who have known me since I was a baby. They were a wise, loving and calming presence on the big day.
  • My sister, Sarah, hand painted a beautiful family tree to use a our guest book.
  • I wanted Pablo (our dog), to be a part of the ceremony, but Adam won that decision! He still got to be an honorary groomsmen. Bailey 7Bailey 4

Wedding Ingredients
Ceremony & Reception Location:
Rose Garden Veranda at Stafford’s Perry Hotel
Photographer: Caryn Ashley Photography
We were also lucky to have a photographer in the family (Freshwater Photography) taking a few extra shots.
Peonies and roses
Dress: Patty’s Bridal
Cake: Sweet Maria’s
Color Scheme: Blush pink, dark pink, spring greensBailey 9

Bailey 8

- Submitted by Bailey

Wedding Feature: Trent & Shauna

Trent & Shauna Married In August in Downtown Petoskey

Trent & Shauna Married In August in Downtown Petoskey

Their Story
We actually met in high school and were best friends. We reconnected Trent’s senior year of college and have been together ever since! We dated for 8 years before finally getting married in August.TS Wedding 1

The Proposal
We were lucky enough to both have our careers move us to Petoskey in March of 2013. He proposed in June of 2013 in Bayfront Park after a picnic. It was private and perfect.TS Wedding 3

Why They Chose To Marry In Northern Michigan
I lived in Charlevoix as a child and have always wanted to return to northern Michigan. Trent’s family has a place in Bay View, where he has spent summers growing up. We have been coming up together as a couple in the winter to our favorite town – Petoskey. And we always stayed at the Perry Hotel of course. We HAD to get married there because it’s our favorite place!TS Wedding 6TS Wedding 5

Wedding Details

  • We brewed our  own beer at Beards Brewery in downtown Petoskey. It was a grapefruit wheat beer named Winterfell.
  • We had Michigan sparkling wines instead for our toasts “Redd” and “Green” from M. Lawrence/Mawby Winery in Leelanau Peninsula.
  • Even the paper that our invitations were printed on is pressed in Kalamazoo, MI.
  • We had a “Michigan Heart” theme provided by Tableau Events & loved it!TS Wedding 4TS Wedding 7

Wedding Ingredients
Ceremony & Reception Location:
Rose Garden Veranda at Stafford’s Perry Hotel
Photographer: Stephanie N. Baker Photography
Flowers & Centerpieces: A. R. Pontius – Harbor Springs
Dress: Maggie Sottero – Petoskey Bridal
Cake: Simply Sweet by Jessica
Event Details/Papery/Decor: Tableau Events
Hair & Make Up: La Dolce Vita Salon (Hair – Chrysta; Make Up – Amanda)TS Wedding 2

- Submitted by Shauna